i heart art

I was born in Transylvania, ( yes… like where Dracula is from) and I am highly allergic to raw garlic. Since I was a little girl I was drawing and was certain I shall become a fashion designer. But when I moved to Canada at fifteen I realized that fashion was the most tangible form of art for me, yet not truly my interest. I wanted to draw, I wanted to live like the great artists before me lived, devoted to art and mad with passion about it. Wanted to get my fingers dirty and live with eyes wide open to all the colours, shapes and mysteries of this world.

I had the honour to study at Bealart in London, Ontario, but soon after graduation, I returned back to my homeland, where I partnered with my sister’s custom made clothes studio and opened Ancient Future, a clothing design business focusing on custom made garments and silk printed tshirts.

It was during this time that I also started focusing on graphic design and alongside my partner we opened Crossing Parallels, a web and graphic design studio that is still growing today.